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Tabatha Pittman helps high-class and upwardly mobile women serve others authentically, confidently, while creating their wholesome lives. Led by a burning desire to serve, it’s her firm belief that serving others is the pathway to salvation.

About Your Coach
Tabatha Pittman is a renown certified Life/Relationship Coach from Michigan, USA with an outstanding track record and life-altering results. She is a devout Christian and minister of the faith whose calling is never in doubt. More so, her calling to service is an undeniable marker of her relationship with God. She has lived most of her life helping the downtrodden, the broken hearted, and those whose lives need a divine encounter. Tabatha has also dedicated her life to encouraging and empowering women to build and live their best lives. She is a full-time mother and wife and the CEO of the Tabatha Pittman Coaching & Consulting LLC. Tabatha’s unshaking faith in God’s word, family, the brothers, and sisters in Christ, is reflected in the very fabric of her teaching and coaching ministry. 

The Vision is Clear
Driven by the word and faith in Christ, Tabatha works passionately to heal those who have suffered from countless disappointment. We are therefore on a mission to educate those who through ignorance may have missed out on life-transforming opportunities. I offer women the tools they need to build and live the truly wholesome lives they deserve. 



You Need!

Tabatha Pittman’s work is focused on lifting the downtrodden and helping them tap into God’s abundant riches. This is guaranteed to address age-long struggles and bring true and wholesome transformation into impossible situations. She serves through:

  • H.ealing those who have suffered life-altering disappointment.

  • E.ducation that helps you identify and leverage opportunities better.

  • L.ifting those who have been crushed and bringing them to God’s abundance.

  • P.rotecting the weak and giving them strength to fight for their place and purpose.


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The goal at Tabatha Pittman coaching is to protect the weak and vulnerable and give them the strength to fight. For every road to self-actualization, you can find the courage to compete in a fast-paced world and never accept defeat. Every trainee receives a personalized coaching experience through Tabatha’s signature Emotional Intelligence Programme. This will help you:

  • Undo negative images and pain while freeing you to live in your identity.

  • Develop self-love

  • Build confidence and embrace authenticity

  • Find your voice and set healthy standards/boundaries

You will get six weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and gain access to books, worksheets and an exclusive access to the Magnetic Relationship Bootcamp and other resources to help you on your way to your dream life.

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