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Marriage Counseling

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  • 1 h
  • 197 US dollars
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

-Overwhelmed in marriage? -Drifting away from your spouse because of unresolved conflict? -Tolerating the way it is, and inside yearning for things to be different? -Unable to bring up hard topics without fear of a blow-up argument? -Frustrated by a spouse who won't actively address problems? -Unheard, unloved, or undesired? -Praying to break cycles of miscommunication so you and your spouse can feel like a team again? -Unable to work through problems because of constant triggers? -On your last straw and about to give up on your marriage? Strengthening your connections with the people you love the most is essential. Breakthroughs will only happen for those who are ready to fight for what matters. If you are not ready to quit on what you have worked so hard to build, then click the link below to schedule your first session. Your journey to a better life starts here.

Cancellation Policy

I work with clients via phone and zoom sessions. These mediums of communication enable us to conveniently work together in any physical setting you may find yourself on a national or global level. Once you purchase a session or package you will receive a notification within 24 hours to confirm your appointment. All sessions are 45 minutes and new clients receive a complimentary 20 minute "Get to know you" conversation before your first hour begins. This gives me time to learn about you in a conversational way and lead into the next steps to fully utilize your time and make the most out of your time. If the Client is unable to attend, the Client must notify the Life Coach 48 hours prior to the session in not doing so; the Client will be billed for the missed session. If the Client does not turn up or hasn’t rescheduled the next session, the Life Coach will wait 15 mins, and then it will be noted as absent and again the Client will be billed for the session. LIFE COACH PAYMENT TERMS All fees can be paid by bank transfers, where receipts are requested by the Client they will be sent by email. All fees are payable in advance of the session. If the Life Coach has not received the payment, the Life Coach is not obliged to provide the session. When a Client pays for several sessions, these sessions must take place within 6 months or their fee will be forfeited. LIFE COACH REFUND POLICY Cancellations within 48 hours on single sessions/or package sessions are subject to full payment at my discretion and this includes the first session. The first session cancellation will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate (single session rate) LIFE COACH TERMINATION TERMS The Client or the Life Coach may terminate this agreement at any time with 2 weeks’ notice period by email at LIFE COACH VARIATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Life Coach may change these terms and conditions including the per-session fee, by giving the client one week’s notice by email of the changes. If subsequently you no longer wish to proceed with the sessions, you may withdraw from the sessions immediately by giving notice by email and then you will be entitled to a full refund of any fees paid in advance for the sessions not yet provided.

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