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The Power of Decree is key to abundance in life, career, and business.


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Life & Relationship Coach Tabatha Pittman
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Who is Coach Tabatha.....

Tabatha Pittman’s prophetic life and relationship coaching process offers you an opportunity to embrace God’s purpose, elevate emotional intelligence, and become an authentic version of yourself.

Goal Achieving Season All G A S  No Brakes | Overcoming Worry - Inspirational & Motivational Video

Goal Achieving Season All G A S No Brakes | Overcoming Worry - Inspirational & Motivational Video

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Are you feeling stuck in your career or relationships? Is life grinding to a painful halt and you're struggling to move forward? Do you feel like an underachiever, or have shame in relation to your body? Or maybe you're struggling to balance your private and public life? 

As a certified Life Coach, I specialize in helping people cope with a variety of issues. Using a unique approach that combines the head and heart, I help my clients overcome their challenges and move forward with confidence.

I first discovered the power of coaching when I faced my own roadblocks and struggled to overcome them. The techniques I developed were so successful that friends and family began asking for my help. That's when I realized my true passion and turned it into a full-time career.

If you're ready to take control of your life and start moving forward, I'm here to help. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and discover how my proven methods can help you achieve your goals.

must fight battles to keep up with their roles in society.

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Start your life transforming 


With Tabatha Pittman as your personal guide, you can break free from these limiting thoughts and transform your life forever

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Experience Divine Alignment with Tabatha Pittman

Are you feeling limited, disconnected or unsure of your path in life?

Transform your life with Tabatha Pittman as your personal guide! With her guidance, you’ll break free from limiting beliefs and discover clarity in executing your life's mission. 

Our services include: 

1. Personal clarity to support your life’s mission: Empower yourself to be the best spouse, parent, and member of your community with Tabatha’s guidance. 

2. Business Principles for Growth: Get the necessary knowledge and skills to grow your brand across various industry sectors. 

3. Peer Influence and Leadership Training: Increase your influence amongst peers and take on leadership opportunities with confidence. 

4. Self-Improvement and Holistic Guidance: Leveraging extensive teaching and resources to improve your health, finance, romantic relationships, mental health, and overall self-care, so you can be the best you possible. 

5. Abundance and Growth: Increase your compensation as your industry expertise shines through. Tabatha will coach you to position yourself as a subject matter expert whilst improving your family’s financial security. 

Experience abundance and growth in all areas of your life with Tabatha Pittman. Schedule your session today!

Is a Relationship/Life Coach right for you?

Wondering if Tabatha Pittman is a right fit for your coaching needs? Here are top reasons to join the program today:

  1. The success strategies taught are personalized to help you improve your relationships and intimacy with those who matter in your life.

  2. You get to express your creativity, dreams, and passion in a safe space where you are accepted.

  3. Learn active communication that include listening to understand people instead of listening to respond.

  4. Put an end to toxic attitude and negative cycles in your life. The methods employed help you generate happy experiences that overcome depression and anxiety.

  5. Find the right strategies to advocate for the things and people that matter the most.

  6. Learn to prioritize your own dreams and self-love.

Transformational Services that Bring the Best out of you

Tabatha Pittman offers a plethora of services guaranteed to transform your life for good. These include:

  • 1:1 Life & Purpose Coaching

  • Premarital & Marriage Counseling

  • Business & Personality Development Coaching

  • Career and financial growth training.

  • Public speaking at events for leadership and influence growth.

  • Book Coaching.

  • Intensive Prophetic Training.

Your best life awaits you

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