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Uncover the truth within. Transform and reignite your marriage.

It's always easy to point out the shortcomings of others and equally easy to overlook our own. But as we relinquish the tainted perception of our own eyes and open our hearts to our heavenly father's divine insight, even our most overlooked flaws are gradually illuminated. Uncover the inner blemishes that muddle your perspective and let the healing begin.

In a profoundly enlightening reflection on soul and self, Tabatha Pittman guides wives and wives-to-be along the path that has strengthened her vertical connection with our heavenly father and simultaneously realigned her horizontal connection with her earthly beloved. From her story of prayer and dedication comes a transformation that left her marriage thriving stronger and more resilient than ever.

Join a journey that permits you to focus on yourself. Unravel and neutralize your insecurities, discover and embrace the confidence within. Watch as your invitation for God's divine healing renews your entire soul and ignites new life in your marriage.

The Favor of A Wife: Healing You to Ignite New Life in Your Marriage

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