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Spiritual Empowerment

A 5-Week Spiritual Empowerment Class for Women Who Win


Presented by Tabatha Pittman,
Prophetess, Wife & Mother of 3

Prophetess Tabatha Pittman has helped hundreds of women find their true purpose and power through spiritual empowerment. In this 5-week course, she will teach you how to do the same.

In the Spiritual Empowerment Class we will cover

Spiritual growth occurs by the study of God's Word; increasing our knowledge of God; deepening faith; showing love and by developing Christian character. 

When we spend time with God, we learn God's thoughts, begin to love God's purposes, and appreciate God's people.

God reminds us in His Word that we are engaged in a spiritual conflict which requires the utmost diligence. 

Prayer demonstrates God's marvelous design to show us His goodness and power. He gives us the ability to pray as well as blessing us with communion with Himself. 


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